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Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
obama now getting back to business after his re- election. he announced plans for a ground- breaking visit and about two weeks. this would be the first by an american president to the area. meanwhile in the west, groups calling on a president obama to work on immigration reform. several organizations plan to rally in the white house this afternoon. what the whitepresident to work on immigration reform. >> now people are looking forward to the inauguration. four years ago people gathered around the nation's capital. now people are busy constructing the state of the platform where he will once again be sworn in as president. >> i already have friends of called a dibs on a bed in my house. >> hotels already are looking up, too. most with a minimum of four- night stay during a busy stretch. d.c. tourism capitalizing on this as well. >> and not wasting any time starting the planning. coming up you are on 87 news at noon in july and early taste of thanksgiving. we will tell you where you can sample pie today. >> and dozens of wounded warriors getting ready to head to sin city. we will tell
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm EST
washington for the lame-duck session. the new congress elect is in town for the beginning of orientation sessions. the focus for the current congress is fiscal uncertainty. other big issues are avoiding the the defense cuts set to be triggered at the beginning of the year and extending the farm bill. first of the agenda and the senate, a closed door hearing on the attack that killed chris stevens. lawmakers want to know more about what led to the september 11 attack on the united states consulate in libya and what the obama administration in new and when. three other americans also died in that attack. blacks after a dreary start the day, we are starting to see some light. far from warm outside. jacqui jeras here with a first look at our forecast. >> it looks good but it feels called. that as a point to be the store the next couple of days. we had quite a bit of rain and now we have some breaks in the cloudiness. you can see some clouds over looking arlington at this hour. we should seek more sunshine later this hour. a few showers still lingering down there in calvert county
Nov 12, 2012 12:00pm EST
himself told until the day after the election. >> it seems it had been going on months and now they e saying the fbi did not thatze until election day was it just does not add up. >> are you going to investigate fbi did not notify you before? absolutely. could have an effect on national security. we should have been told. >> national security was never compromised. to testify onet thursday. the deputy director will now be testifying instead. theff peak fares all day on metro. delays carrying over on the line between east falls church and clarendon. add 45 minutes to the travel time. hard to ask for a better november weekends. first off, let's just enjoy today. shall we? one is sunshine all day long. some of the clouds movelready starting to into the area. by the time we drive home, mostly cloudy. 67 at reagan national. 66 in dallas. 64 in culpeper. -- 66 in dulles. clouds will be thickening. delays this evening because clouds and rain. keep that in mind. arrival delays at laguardia to equipment issues. at 6:00, 64 and mostly cloudy. more details on the big drop in your tem
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3